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  • Manage your projects and holidays over time with the calendar
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  • Visualize projects' statistics


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Jérémie K. about Wibby
Jérémie K.
Freelancer since 2013

Wibby is the tool that I have been waiting for a long time to easily manage my calendar with my customers. With a simple link I can quickly share my availability to my regular customers. It became one of my essential tool as a freelancer.

Jérémy A. about Wibby
Jérémy A.
Freelancer since 2017

Few months ago, I was contacted several times a day by recruiters to know my availability. Now I send them a Wibby link of my real-time availability calendar.

Maxime G. about Wibby
Maxime G.
Freelancer since 2017

Wibby allows me to be clearer with my customers about the days I work for them, and they finally remember my vacation :)

Nicolas M. about Wibby
Nicolas M.
COO at Magic Office

Wibby allows us to easily know the availability of each freelancer, to book them and to optimize the schedule of projects. This is essential for freelancer coordination.